Does it worth it: Short answer is “don’t bother”

Whenever you buy a TV a BestBuy rep will come and try to sell their Geek Squad insurance and promote their TV calibration service which comes free with the insurance. they will show show you a TV which is mounted on the wall like a broken chair and intentionally changed the brightness and contrast level to the point that you cant see picture properly. And they also said that all these TVs on the display are professionally calibrated so that it can look nice and if I also want that level of picture quality then I must get my TV professionally calibrated.

I know, I have been there and bought their insurance for my first TV. As far as I can remember, I paid around $200-250 CAD in 2015 for my 60″ Samsung TV.

Attaching pictures here, modes with “CAL” in it on the TV was calibrated by BestBuy Geek Squad. My personal opinion is Day/Night calibrated pictures modes doesn’t look much different than the default Movie mode. So, I don’t know here I paid $250 for what service. If the default mode looks so similar to the $250’s calibrated picture mode then I should stay away for it.

Basically I fell for this scam by seeing their poorly hanged and calibrated TV. That is all.