About me

Passionate about networking

“True passions are not often found; rather they are built”

What is my educational background?

I did bachelor in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering from East West University and Master’s in Electrical Engineering from University of Windsor.

How come I am in networking field?

In 2010 during my bachelor I had a course named Networking101 or in other words “Networking for dummies”. Just in 1 hour attending the first lecture of that course, I realized that my passion was always been networking, I just didn’t know until then. Then I talk to my professor about it and the said if you really want to more about this field then study CCNA. And that was the beginning, and the rest is history.

I am a licensed to call myself an engineer?
Yes, I am a licensed Ontario Professional Engineer.
Can I serve the public as an engineer?

Yes, I can without any restriction in Ontario since I am an Ontario P.Eng.

what vendor certifications I have?
I have Comptia a+, CCNA R&S, CCNP R&S
How was my Cisco certification journey?

I started studying for CCNA in 2011 on and off, but really started studying in 2012. In 2014, I felt confident enough to sit for the exam and passed.

Right after CCNA I started studying for CCNP route exam and passed in 2015, then in 2016 I passed my CCNP Switch exam and In 2017 I passed my CCNP Tshoot exam and finally completed all the requirements for CCNP R&S certification

What I am doing now?

Currently, I am the Sr. Network Engineer at Oshawa PUC networks.

Where do I live?

I am currently living in Oshawa, ON Canada

Where can I serve?

Thanks to COVID-19, now we know that remote work is really possible. So basically if the project does not require my physical presence then I can serve anywhere, any province, any country.

What can I do for you for free?
If you are a start-up or a very small company having number of employees less than 20 then I can do consultation for free. Just reach out to me.
Who is my Guru?
Jeremy Cioara from CBTnuggets.
How about my personal life?
I am married to my lovely Nuclear Engineer wife. No kids yet.
Other than networking what else I enjoy doing?

I enjoy doing landscaping around my house.

I watch a lot of DIY YouTube videos and like to try them at my free times.

Furthermore, I like to drive a lot and see different landscapes.