It’s past mid-night of 26th March 2014 I just landed in Windsor, Canada as an international student. The only person I knew through e-mail was Hilary Payne, he was my landlord. He said he will pick me up in the morning. So I thought I will wait rest of the night at the airport; it was a very small local airport.After a while security guard came to me and said there will be no more flights tonight so I have to leave.

Came outside of the airport and wondering what to do and where to go. Back then I had no phone no internet. Suddenly remembered that Tropa gave me an address of a student hostel where per night stay is almost 10 times cheaper than any hotel; luckily i kept that address in my wallet. There was a taxi outside, I called him and told him to navigate me over there. We went there and there was no one at the reception. the driver started to knock on the glass door and told me to do the same. After few minutes some sleep walking guy came out and said you don’t have a reservation and this is not the time to check in. The driver said please let him stay, he just landed and nowhere else to go and he can’t afford a hotel room. Then he felt pity on me and let me stay the night.

Next morning my ex-landlord who is almost 90 years old came to pick me up to his house and on the way he showed me my university.

Hilary: I did Civil engineering from here and I am a P.Eng of Ontario.

Me: what’s a P.Eng

Hilary: this is the highest level of certificate you can get from Canada as an Engineer.

Inside of my head: OMG this guy must be a genius, I am so envy of him. Can I also get it? Forget about it. You can’t even speak one sentence in English properly.

Since then I always wanted to become a P.Eng in my wildest dreams. As days went by me without even realizing the God started to change my surroundings in my favor and I totally forgot about P.Eng due to my busy work schedule.

In 2018 my bangladeshi colleague Saifullah vai caused my sleeping dream to wake up. One day he came to me and said that he is going for the PEO exam, and the rest is a history.