Now that you have installed 2 or more AF60LR at the same location and aligned the antennas to GREAT signal or the signal level is above -45db and still you are experiencing sudden 2-5 seconds drop in signal on one or more antennas then you are at the right place.

It happed to me. I installed 2 antennas at one client place and the alighment was perfect; -35dB; but for some reason one of the antenna is loosing connection to the remote site almost every 30 seconds. after doing the trial and error if realized that by default both antennas were operating at 68.05GHz. so what was happening is that, that particular frequency got jammed. there is a simple solution to that.


  • Login to the one of the Master antenna and go to the wireless option
  • Turn off Wave AI
  • set “60GHz Frequency” to > some other frequency; for example 64800MHz
  • set channel width to 2160MHz