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Hello, I am Reashad Hossain, P.Eng.

I am a Network Engineer and an avid Tech enthusiastic

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Sr. Network Engineer with 8+ years of experience of implementing Fibre Broadband & Enterprise connectivity solutions

Core Management competencies include: Project &Team management, UG/OH Optical fibre expansion, coordinating with regional police/municipal/Hydro companies/underground locates/ contractor bidding.

Core Technical competencies include: Network design, Network mapping, Documentation, Installation, Configuration, Technology Refresh, Consultation, Disaster recovery, Security Vulnerability mitigation, Long range gigabit wireless PtP bridging, wireless PtMP community internet distribution, 


Routing is my biggest strength. Have years of experience on ISIS, BGP, OSPF, RIP, Policy based routing


Have a decade of hands-on experience with Cisco switches. Deployed more than 500 switches so far and still counting


Have hands-on experience with Bluecoat proxy, FortiNAC, Fortigate and ASA

Network Design

Decommissioned and designed lot many departments, organizations, and single shop floor of area of 80,000sqft


Experienced with PRTG, Solarwinds, RuggedNMS and other network monitoring tools

Disaster Recovery

Have experience creating Cyber Risk Assessment, Business Continuity Plan (BCP), Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)


Spent good amount of time in my career creating low to high level network documentation with Visio and any other tools

Wireless design

Designed and provisioned multi gigabit wireless backhaul for a shipping fulfillment centre in North America. Also designed and provisioned public Wi-Fi for local public parks and beaches with OTP SMS authentication

Project Management

Experienced and result driven Network project manager. Completed a couple of $150k+ projects before the promised timeline

Fiber Expansion

As the Project Manager as well as a Network Engineer leading the largest city funded Optical Fibre expansion projects in Durham region


Constantly developing cross border, local & political collaboration skills through the involvement in different projects

Team Leader

Led a routing team of 5-18 people for years

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