If you are a car enthusiastic then you must have came across to Consumer reports YouTube channel. They are really famous for ranking the Top 10 most reliable cars and unreliable at the end of each year.

If you have subscribed Consumer Reports YouTube channel then I can also bet that you know that they tests almost everything starting from mattresses, vacuum, coffee maker, lawn mower and many many things.

But when you try visiting their website to download or see a report on any product then you will see that only paid members can access that. Their membership is $10USD/month, which is fine.

I just want to let you know that if you are living is Toronto then you can access all the reports on their website for FREE!!!
Many people I guess don’t know about that. Even I found that way by mistake.

Lets get straight to the point about How:
short answer is if you are a member of Toronto Public Library then you can access Consumer Reports for free.

All you have to do it, Login to Toronto Public Library and search “Consumer Reports” in the search bar:

Then Click on “Access Online” and you will be redirected to https://www.consumerreports.org/ and from there you can view as many reports as you want.